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Popular Area Routes

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Here are some reference points.
Aldape Summit
Lone Pine Tree
Finish Line of the Race to Robie Creek
Cross on Table Rock
Trail Turnoff for Trail 26 (Lone Pine Run)
Trail Turnoff for Trail 26A
Stack Rock (Near Bogus)
Water Fall
Downtown YMCA

Here are some routes.
YMCA to Aldape Summit
Hulls Gulch with Bob's Trail
Lone Pine Run (2005)
Pierce Park Loop
Seamans Gulch
Stack Rock Trail (Near Bogus)
Table Rock
Trail 26A Short
Water Fall Run

Here are some area Races
Warning: These courses may not be accurate.
Official courses may change from year to year.
Barber to Boise Course (2005)
Barn Sour 10K (Meridian) Course (2006)
City of Trees Marathon (2006)
Famous Potato Marathon Course (2005)
Fit 4 Life Half Marathon Course (2006)
Mesa Falls Marathon (2006)
Payette Lake Run 30K (2006)
Race to Robie Creek (2005)
Tamarack 10K (Took wrong turn after mile 5) (2007)
Turkey Trot (Ann Morrison) (2005)
Zeitgeist Half Marathon Course (2005)

Click here for a sketch of the routes from the YMCA.

Paved Runs

Greenbelt - The Boise River Greenbelt offers mile after mile of scenic running.  Just find your way to the river and run as long or short as you wish.  You can go either direction, but for longer runs we recommend heading east towards Lucky Peak Dam.  A great out and back run. Distance: varies

Greenbelt to Glenwood Bridge and Back - Flat Run South on 11th to the Greenbelt at the river. Right (West) on the Greenbelt 6.2 miles to Glenwood Bridge and return A great out and back run. Distance: 12.5 Miles

Lower Hulls Gulch - Start at Camelsback Park and take the 8th Street Extension up to the Lower Hulls Gulch trailhead and take the trail from there.  A great out and back run.  Distance: varies

Barber Loop - Flat - A popular Saturday morning route.  We start at the Downtown Y and head South on 11th to the Greenbelt at the river. Left (East) on the Greenbelt to Eckert Rd (6.3m). Right on Eckert over the river bridge. Right into Barber Park. Rest rooms available here. Go west through the Park staying not far from the river. Take the Greenbelt west (5.5m) along the river, past the college, and go over the steel bridge just past the Capital Blvd Bridge and continue north on 8th St to State St. Then left 2 blocks to the YMCA
Distance: 13.5 miles

Pierce Park - Cartwright Loop - North on 13th St to Hill Rd. Left on Hill Rd for 5.5 M to Pierce Park Rd. Right on PP Rd to Cartwright Rd(8.5 M). Right on Cartwright to Bogus Basin Rd(12M). Right on BB Rd to Hill Rd. Left on Hill Rd to 13th St. Right on 13th back to YMCA Distance: 14.5 miles (950 ft of climb - 2 hills)
Pierce Park Map Pierce Park Profile
Google Earth Pierce Park Course

Seamans Gulch Loop - (the confidence builder)From downtown, North on 13th St to Hill Rd. Left on Hill Rd past Pierce Park Rd. (5.5 M) to Seaman Gulch Rd (7M). Right on Seaman Rd, up the hill past Dry Creek Rd (10.5M) to Cartwright Rd (12.4 M). Right on Cartwright to Bogus Basin Rd. Right on BB Rd to Hill Rd. Left on Hill Rd to 13th St. Right on 13th back to YMCA Distance:20.5 miles (1100 feet of climb - 5 hills)
Seamans Gulch Map Seamans Gulch Profile
Google Earth Seamans Gulch Course

Hill Rd, Golf Course Cartwright - (350 feet of climb) North on 13th St to Hill Rd. Left on Hill Rd to 36th St (Stuart Gulch Rd) 3.2M. Right on this Rd past the Golf Course, up the hill, under 2 steel gates to Cartwright Rd(5M). Right on Cartwright to Bogus Basin Rd. Right on BB Rd to Hill Rd. Left on Hill Rd to 13th St. Right on 13th back to YMCA Distance:  8.5 miles

Table Rock and Back - (850 feet of climb) Go east on Washington St to Fort St. Right on Fort to Reserve St (next to Fort Boise Park). Left on Reserve. Go past the park to the end of Reserve St and go right on Shaw Mountain Rd. Continue on this winding uphill to the crest and go right on Table Rock Rd. Continue on this road to the top of Table Rock where you veer right to the overlook and the Cross. Then return on the same route to the Y Distance:  6 miles from Fort Boise, 10 miles from the Y.
Table Rock Map Table Rock Profile
Google Earth Table Rock

Houston/Happy Drive - Starting from the Downtown Y, find your way to the Greenbelt via 11th Street and the pathway through the Soup Kitchen area.  Once there, head west past Americana Blvd. on through the small park by the fire station.  Veer right to go over the old red railroad bridge and continue on up to Garden Street.  Turn left at the first street.  Wind through the neighborhood until turning at the first left.  Continue winding along the Bench keeping to your left until you reach Happy Drive.  Turn left again onto Houston Drive, cross Americana, then once again, turn left onto the Crescent Rim and head towards the Depot.  From the Depot, head down Capital Blvd. and back to the Y.  Distance:  6 to 7 miles

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Trail Runs (may include sections of pavement)

Hulls Gulch/Freeway - Start at Camelsback Park and head up Eight Street Extension to the Lower Hulls Gulch trailhead.  Take the trail up to the next major trail convergence - cross the creek and take the 'Freeway' trail back towards town.  Take the last trail on the right before the trail ends.  This trail will take you back to Eight Street and Camelsback Park.  Distance:  8 miles
Hulls Gulch With Bob's Trail Map (10.8 Miles) Hulls Gulch With Bob's Trail Profile
Google Earth Hulls Gulch With Bob's Trail (10.8 Miles)

Rocky Canyon - The infamous Race for Robie Creek route.  Start either at Fort Boise Park or drive up Rocky Canyon Road to where the gravel begins and head on up the canyon as far as you can handle.  Can you make it to the top?  Distance:  varies (17.5 Miles from the Y to the Summit)
Summit Map Summit Profile
Google Earth Rocky Canyon

Corrals Loop - Start at Camelsback Park or the Downtown Y and head to Bogus Basin Road.  Run up the hill about three miles until you see the Corrals trailhead (Trail 31) on the right.  Jump on to Trail 31 (Corrals) and take it all the way to 8th Street Extension.  Run down  to the bottom of 8th Street Extension and back to Camelsback Park or the Y.  Distance:  14 miles from Camelback, 16 miles from the Y.

Waterfall Run - See Hulls Gulch above.  When you get to the convergence of Lower Hulls/Freeway/Upper Hulls, take the Upper Hulls Gulch Interpretive Trail.  This trail heads up the Gulch, crossing the creek several times up to a beautiful waterfall.  From there the trail connects with the 8th Street Extension.  You can either run back down the trail again or take the Extension back down to Boise.  Distance:  16 miles from Camelsback, 18 miles from the Y.
Waterfall Map Waterfall Profile
Google Earth Water Fall

26A Trail - Start at the Downtown Y or Fort Boise Park.  Head up Rocky Canyon Road and watch for the trailhead which switches back off of the road on the left (about 4 miles from the Y).  The trail gives you a wonderful view of downtown Boise and meets up with the Military Reserve Road which takes you back down to Fort Boise Park.  Distance:  10 - 12 miles from the Y.
26A Short Map 26A Short Profile
Google Earth 26A Short

Squaw Creek Run - Start at the Crow Inn (on Warm Springs Ave heading towards Lucky Peak).  Run west to Squaw Creek Road.  Go north on Squaw Creek and proceed up to the gate where the road forks.  Take the right fork, and proceed east.  There are two variations of this run.  One is to take the Cobb's Trail back down to Highland Valley Road and the Crow Inn.  The other is to continue on the road to Highland Valley road and take Highland Valley to the Crow.  Distance:  10 - 13 miles.

Table Rock #2 - Start at the Old Pen and run the trail up to Table Rock and back.  It is short but steep.  Distance:  3 miles

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Short Runs from the Y

Run to the River and Back - Flat - South on 11th . At Myrtle St, veer to the right through the trees on the �Pioneer Path� to the river and the Greenbelt, and then return to the Y on the same route for a total of 1.5 miles. For a longer run, at the Greenbelt you could run along the river east or west as far as you want. And then back on the same route. Very scenic, you might even spot an eagle or a beaver. Distance: 1.5 miles RT

Fort Boise Park and Back - Flat - Go east on Washington St to Fort St. to Fort Boise Park and return to the Y on same route. Distance: 2 miles RT

Camel's Back Park and Back - Go west on Washington St past the track and the tennis courts to 13th St. North on 13th to Camel�s Back Park and return on same route. For some hill work, while at the park you could try a short run up to the top of Camel�s Back Hill. Distance: 2 miles RT

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